Pekka Simula

MSc, Chief Executive Officer
Pekka Simula joined Herantis Pharma Plc. as CEO in November 2013. Previously he was founding CEO of Oncos Therapeutics Ltd, successfully building it into a clinical stage company. During his international career Mr. Simula has also served as Project Director for CRF Health, a leading ePRO provider for clinical trials, and as Global Program Manager at Varian Medical Systems (NYSE: VAR), responsible for the development and market roll-out of the company's oncology product suite with a central role in development of the latest revolution in radiation oncology, RapidArc™. Mr. Simula also served as board member of Oncos Therapeutics Ltd. from 2009 until the company's merger with Norwegian Targovax in 2015, and is a board member of Finnish Bioindustries since 2016 and chairman since 2018. He holds a MSc in physics.

Twitter: @simulapekka