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Artificially intelligent drug development

By Pekka Simula6 Aug 2019 Artificial intelligence, or AI, will shape our world in the coming years. It will drive our cars, plan our groceries, and... Read More

The price of life (and drugs)

By Pekka Simula24 June 2019 Spinal Muscular Atrophy, SMA, is a rare genetic disorder resulting in muscle weakness. It is so rare that most people hadn’... Read More

How big is big: The economic burden of disease

By Pekka Simula 26 April 2019 The global direct healthcare costs are approaching $10 trillion. What does that signify? The human mind is not designed to... Read More

Big Pharma and risk acceptance for true innovation

By Pekka Simula24 January 2019 I recently met a Big Pharma representative who held an intriguing role. Her task was to encourage the R&D... Read More

A different view to Parkinson’s disease

By Seppo Nieminen, 3 October 2018 Some years ago I volunteered in a certain project as a patient representative. I wondered for a long time though... Read More

Patients should be involved: sharing drug development news in patient seminars

By Pekka Simula 31 August 2018 I wrote earlier about the important role of patient advocacies supporting chronically ill patients. Patient groups provide information and peer... Read More

The first scientific symposium on CDNF/MANF-family proteins

Henri Huttunen 22.5.2018 One integral part of scientific research are international conferences where scientists gather together from all over the world to report their... Read More

Modern healthcare is amazingly multidisciplinary

By Pekka Simula 5 April 2018 Finland’s national TV channel YLE covered (in Finnish) an advanced therapeutic procedure in March 2018. For the first time... Read More

Partnering in drug development

By Pekka Simula 11 February 2018 Drug development is increasingly expensive. The estimated average investment required for developing a novel drug to the market varies from... Read More

FinnGen program – unique benefit for the mankind or selling Finland by the gene?

By Pekka Simula 21 December 2017 In 2017, Finland has celebrated its first century of independence. Among the many festivities and next-century-initiatives that marked the year,... Read More