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Can’t you just give me the medicine…

By Pekka Simula 13 September 2016 Most people who live with a poorly treated disease keep searching for potential new treatments. When there’s nothing else... Read More

Which diseases are the most expensive?

By Pekka Simula 17 August 2016 At least in Finland many believe that cancer and cardiovascular diseases remain our top healthcare burdens. It is difficult to... Read More

Importance of basic research

By Henri Huttunen 11 May 2016 The increasing pressure to cut public spending in Finland also threatens basic research funding. Similar to other areas dependent on... Read More

BioEurope Spring 2016: What’s up in biopharma?

By Pekka Simula 15 April 2016 April was again kicked off with BioEurope Spring, bringing together some 1,400 companies looking for partners for their biopharma... Read More

What keeps a drug development company busy?

By Pekka Simula 23 Mar 2016 Herantis develops three distinct drug candidates for the treatment of several diseases. Our team is 7-person strong, which means roughly... Read More

Finland, a hidden oasis for clinical brain research?

By Pekka Simula 02 Mar 2016 Twitter: @simulapekka Herantis companies have completed clinical studies in Europe, USA, and Asia, always intending to find optimal study sites... Read More

Rennes tragedy – could that happen to us?

By Pekka Simula 03 Feb 2016 Twitter: @simulapekka After the tragic death of a healthy volunteer in a clinical study in France in January 2016, every... Read More