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Is it safe to participate in clinical studies?

By Pekka Simula 16 November 2017 Novelty implies risks. Sending humans in space, developing autonomous cars, designing faster sailing yachts - something unexpected can happen despite the... Read More

Drug developers – for a brighter future: Work practice program at Herantis Pharma

By Suvi Laitinen 6 October 2017 9th grade schoolgirl Suvi completed her work practice program at Herantis Pharma in October 2017. Let’s hear what she... Read More

Patient-centric drug development

By Pekka Simula 17 September 2017 Patient-centricity is one of the new catch phrases of the pharmaceutical industry. The 'Big Pharma’ emphasize how patient-centric they are;... Read More

Patient groups can change the world

By Pekka Simula 5 June 2017 You contract a chronic disease, get diagnosed, end up with a life-long relationship with a physician for the best available... Read More

Happy birthday to Parkinson’s disease

By Pekka Simula 11 April 2017 Dear Parkinson’s disease, Apr 11, 2017 marks your 200th anniversary. James Parkinson published “An Essay on the Shaking Palsy”... Read More

The future of drug development

By Pekka Simula 12 March 2017 I had the great pleasure of participating a special seminar arranged by Kasve Ltd and enjoying inspiring presentations on Welfare... Read More

Life sciences save lives

By Pekka Simula 2 January 2017 As Herantis’ CEO I look back at 2016 with pride for being part of this team. Our passion is to... Read More

What is gene therapy?

By Pekka Simula 27 October 2016 Lymfactin® is a gene therapy currently in clinical development for the treatment of certain types of lymphedema. So what exactly... Read More

Can’t you just give me the medicine…

By Pekka Simula 13 September 2016 Most people who live with a poorly treated disease keep searching for potential new treatments. When there’s nothing else... Read More

Which diseases are the most expensive?

By Pekka Simula 17 August 2016 At least in Finland many believe that cancer and cardiovascular diseases remain our top healthcare burdens. It is difficult to... Read More