Herantis Pharma announces an internationally renowned Scientific Advisory Board with Professor Jonathan Knowles as Chairman

Herantis Pharma announces an internationally renowned Scientific Advisory Board
with Professor Jonathan Knowles as Chairman
Herantis Pharma Plc
Company release 18 March 2015 at 10:00 am

Herantis  Pharma Plc has  formed a Scientific  Advisory Board of internationally
renowned  drug development professionals.  The Scientific Advisory  Board or its
subgroups   will  convene  frequently  or  its  members  may  support  the  drug
development programs of Herantis through other means. Professor Jonathan Knowles
has accepted his nomination as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board.

"Scientific  research  in  Finland  is  outstanding  in  a  number  of fields of
medicine",  says  professor  Knowles.  "It  is  important that there are focused
approaches to develop the results of this innovative research into products that
will  benefit patients. I hope that  the Herantis Scientific Advisory Board will
help  further strengthen this collaboration between industry and academia in the
interests of patients around the world."

Professor  Knowles has been a Board member of Herantis since 2009. Previously he
has  served as  President of  group research  and executive  committee member at
Roche,  member  of  the  Genentech  Board,  the  founding  Chairman  of the EU's
Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), and more recently as FiDiPro Professor at
FIMM,  University  of  Helsinki,  visiting  professor  at  Oxford University and
professor  emeritus at EPFL  (École Polytechnique Fédérale  de Lausanne). He was
awarded the Scrip's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010 for his long academic and
industry  career which  has been  distinguished by  his passion for personalized

Four  other  members  have  been  nominated  in the Scientific Advisory Board of

Academy  Professor  Kari  Alitalo,  Director  of  the  Centre  of  Excellence on
Translational  Cancer Biology  in the  Faculty of  Medicine of the University of
Helsinki.  Professor  Alitalo  is  one  of  the  world's  leading researchers in
oncogenes and mechanisms of angiogenesis and e.g. member of the National Academy
of  Sciences of  the USA.  He has  received several international science prizes
including  the In-Bev Baillet Latour Health Prize and the Dr. A.H.Heineken Prize
for Medicine by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Professor  Seppo  Kaakkola,  PhD  and  medical doctor specialized in Parkinson's
Disease  where he has made a significant career as a widely published researcher
and in drug development as well as voluntary work in Parkinson's Disease patient
associations.  Professor Kaakkola is Chief Physician of the neurology department
of the Helsinki University Central Hospital.

Professor  Mart Saarma, Long-time director of  the Institute of Biotechnology of
the   University  of  Helsinki  and  one  of  the  most  valued  researchers  of
neurotrophic  factors in  the world.  Professor Saarma  has been awarded several
international  science  prizes  including  the  Nordic Science Prize by Lundbeck
Foundation.  He is a member of e.g. the EMBO Council and the Estonian Academy of
Sciences,  and was  appointed Vice  President of  the European  Research Council
since 2015.

Doctor Alan Whone, Senior researcher at the University of Bristol specialized in
motor  dysfunctions such as  Parkinson's Disease, and  Consulting Neurologist at
the  Frenchay  Hospital  in  Bristol,  UK.  Among  Dr.  Whone's current research
projects are clinical studies related to Deep Brain Stimulation and neurotrophic
factors for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease.

Herantis  Pharma  intends  to  continue  to  invite both permanent and temporary
members  in its Scientific  Advisory Board based  on the needs  in the company's
development programs.

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