Herantis Pharma’s financial year is the calendar year. During the year, the company publishes an Annual Financial Statements Release and one Interim Report related to accounting period’s first six months. The Financial Statements and Interim Reports will be released around at 9.00 a.m. (Finnish time) on the given dates.

Upcoming events

Date Event
15-16 May 2018 Meet Herantis Pharma at BioEquity in Ghent
18 May 2018 Company presentation at Suuri Osakesäästäjäpäivä in Helsinki
13 Jun 2018 Herantis presents at Online Symposium of LE&RN (Lymphatic Education & Research Network)
30 Jul – 28 Aug 2018 Silent period
30 Jul – 28 Aug 2018 Closed window period
29 Aug 2018 Interim report release on January-June 2018
11-12 Sep 2018 Meet Herantis Pharma at NLS Days in Stockholm
During the Silent period, the Company will not comment on its financial position, markets or outlooks. During the Silent period, the management will neither meet with capital market or financial media representatives, nor take a stand on matters concerning the Company’s financial position or general outlooks.
During the Closed window period, trading of Herantis Pharma shares or derivatives is forbidden for the Insider group.