Board of Directors

Timo Veromaa

MBA, MD, PhD, Chairman of the Board

Timo Veromaa has been a Herantis board member since 2012. He is also the former Executive Chairman of Domainex Ltd and was the CEO and President of Biotie Therapies Corp. from 2005 until its acquisition by Acorda Therapeutics in 2016. Towards the beginning of his career he was a Medical Director of Schering Ltd. in Finland, Senior Scientist and Project Director of Collagen Corp. and Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University. Dr. Veromaa has a PhD in immunology from the University of Turku and as a MD holds a Special Competence in Pharmaceutical Medicine.

Frans Wuite

MD, MBA, Vice Chairman of the Board

Currently CEO of Acesion Pharma, Mr. Wuite has a long international career with a track record of successfully launching and growing pharmaceutical and biotech businesses. Mr. Wuite was previously the CEO and President of Oncos Therapeutics, COO of Warren Pharmaceuticals, Co-founder and Board Director of Araim Pharmaceuticals, and member of Amgen’s European management team, where he was in charge of establishing their anemia franchise. Before Amgen, he was President of Pharmacia-Leiras BV, a joint venture marketing hormonal products with novel dose delivery technology. Wuite has been a board member of Herantis since 2014.

Jim Phillips

MD, MBA, Board member

Currently CEO of PAION AG, Jim (James) Phillips was previously e.g. CEO for Imevax, CEO for Midatech, President of EUSA Pharma Europe in its key growth phase prior to its sales in 2012 to Jazz Pharma, CEO & founder in Talisker Pharma (sold in 2006 to EUSA Pharma) and also SVP Corporate Development at EUSA; he founded Talisker Pharma in 2004 which was acquired by EUSA in 2006. Jim previously worked for Johnson & Johnson and Novartis as a senior executive. Phillips has been a board member of Herantis since 2014.

Aki Prihti

Board member

Currently CEO of Aplagon Oy and CFO and board member of Medtentia International Ltd Oy, Aki Prihti is board member of Herantis since 2014 and was previously Chairman of Laurantis Pharma Ltd from 2010–2014. Aki Prihti is one of the founding partners of venture fund management company Inveni Capital and currently serves as board member in Aranda Pharma Oy. Prior to transitioning to life science venture capital he worked in the corporate finance arm of Salomon Brothers in London.

Mats Thorén

Board member

Currently CEO of Vixco Capital, Mats Thorén was one of the founding partners of Catella Healthcare, an investment firm in the Healthcare business. Mats has been a first-ranked equity research analyst in Sweden with SEB and the Head of Swedish Healthcare with SHB Markets Corporate Finance. Mats currently serves on the Board of Arcoma AB.