This page provides a list of some of the company’s key events in the near future. An Investor Relations calendar can be found here.

NOTE: Herantis is a responsible company. During the coronavirus outbreak, we follow the formal recommendations. Therefore, we have cancelled all our public presentations in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Upcoming events

Webcast seminar – World’s first clinical trial with CDNF: Aiming for a breakthrough in Parkinson’s
Public materials related to our company and products will be presented on this page. Presentations in Finnish language can be found here. Please note that these presentations are provided for historical use only. Herantis will not keep these presentations up-to-date after their actual presenting date.
What are good CEOs made of?

"It is rare for a CEO to fire himself. I appreciate such integrity." (Head of an investment bank)

Cool life-changing stuff from the Nordics

"In digital health, we only invest in Nordics and the USA." (An international life sciences investor)

World Bioethics Day is a good day to learn about bioethics

Did you know that Bioethics is a very broad and challenging branch of science with potentially significant impact on our future?

How to invest smartly in biotech?

The big difference in biotech investments compared to more established businesses is that you need to assess a possible future success rather than consider existing cash flow and profit.

Artificially intelligent drug development

Artificial intelligence (AI) will shape our world in the coming years. People already speculate how AI can superhumanly solve any human problem. What will its role be in healthcare?

The price of life (and drugs)

Developing of novel drugs is always a high-risk endeavor and success should result in a financial reward. However, what is an acceptable cost for the treatment of severe rare disorders?

How big is big: The economic burden of disease

The global direct healthcare costs are approaching $10 trillion. What does that signify? The CEO gives a concrete example to elucidate the potential significance of our work.

Big Pharma and risk acceptance for true innovation

The development of new drugs is always risky. The more innovative an approach is the higher are the risks. For a real breakthrough in an unmet clinical need, high risk acceptance is needed.

A different view to Parkinson’s disease

Seppo Nieminen, a Parkinson's patient active in the regional Parkinson's group of Keski-Uusimaa in Finland, gives his thoughts on the current publishing practice on news in Parkinson's.