Current partnerships

Parkinson's Europe

Parkinson’s Europe is an umbrella body for Parkinson’s organizations and the leading voice for the 1.2 million people with Parkinson’s and their families in Europe.


European Innovation Council. Co-funded by the European Union

Herantis signed in 2023 the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator grant agreement. Herantis will receive EUR 2.5 million grant funding from the EIC Accelerator program over the next two years. The grant project, named ReTreatPD, will focus on preparations towards a Phase 2 clinical study with HER-096 in Parkinson’s disease including development of biomarkers for monitoring target engagement and treatment response to HER-096.

Term sheet signed in 2023 with EIC Fund, the investment arm of the EIC. Herantis’ is eligible for up to EUR 15 million in direct equity investments, subject to certain customary terms and conditions.


Liikehäiriösairauksien liitto

Finnish Movement Disorders Association is a national advocacy group for people and relatives of those diagnosed with movement disorders.