Scientific publications

This page offers a representative collection of publications related to the scientific background of Herantis’ drug candidates. A comprehensive PubMed listing of publications can be found by clicking the topic title. Please note that in some cases full-text access to the articles may require payment to the publisher.


Natalia Kulesskaya, Arnab Bhattacharjee , Kira M. Holmström , Päivi Vuorio , Alexandre Henriques , Noëlle Callizot , Henri J. Huttunen. HER-096 is a CDNF-derived brain-penetrating peptidomimetic that protects dopaminergic neurons in a mouse synucleinopathy model of Parkinson’s disease
Natalia Kulesskaya, Arnab Bhattacharjee, Kira M. Holmström, Rebecka Holmnäs, Jani Koskinen, Satu Leikas, Sigrid Booms, Antti Vuolanto & Henri J. Huttunen. HER-096 Is a Novel Brain-Penetrating Peptidomimetic That Promotes Proteostasis and Reduces Neuroinflammation in an Aged Mouse Model of Synucleinopathy [AD/PD™ 2023 POSTER]

CDNF-family neurotrophic factors

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Tseng et al. Augmenting hematoma-scavenging capacity of innate immune cells by CDNF reduces brain injury and promotes functional recovery after intracerebral hemorrhage. Cell Death Dis. 14(2): 128, 2023.
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Lindahl M, Chalazonitis A, Palm E, Pakarinen E, Danilova T, Pham TD, Setlik W, Rao M, Võikar V, Huotari J, Kopra J, Andressoo JO, Piepponen PT, Airavaara M, Panhelainen A, Gershon MD, Saarma M. Cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor-deficiency leads to degeneration of enteric neurons and altered brain dopamine neuronal function in mice. Neurobiol. Dis. 134: 104696, 2020.
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